A dozen students from Cobb County schools have won college-sponsored National Merit scholarships.
Photo: Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com
Photo: Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

12 Cobb students win college-sponsored National Merit scholarships

A dozen students from schools in Cobb County were awarded with college-sponsored National Merit Scholarships on Wednesday.

Students will receive between $500 and $2,000 per year every year of their undergraduate studies, according to National Merit’s website.

These scholarships differ from the regular National Merit awards because they are funded by universities.

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This year, 182 institutions are underwriting scholarships for students.

Of the Cobb winners, nine attended Cobb County School District schools and the others went to two private Christian schools.

Details about the college-sponsored scholarships are posted online. One stipulation is that the student must list that school as their top choice.

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Here are the winners:

•  Andrew N. Crain from Kennesaw (University of Alabama)

Probable career field: Biochemical engineering 

Mount Paran Christian School

•  William S. Hellier from Mableton (University of Oklahoma)

Probable career field: Law 

Whitefield Academy

•  Anthony D. Bernard, Jr., from Marietta (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Computer science

Walton High School

•  Julia A. Edmunds from Marietta (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Finance

Walton High School

•  Alex P. Erdman from Marietta (George Washington University)

Probable career field: Diplomatic service 

Pope High School

•  Marjorie Hutcherson from Marietta (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Veterinary medicine 

Lassiter High School


•  Sabrina Kaplan from Marietta (Vanderbilt University)

Probable career field: Psychology

Walton High School

 • Vera Lu from Marietta (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Pediatrics 

Walton High School

•  Aurian O. Naderi from Marietta (University of Texas at Dallas)

Probable career field: Neurosurgery

Walton High School 

•  Noah P. Platt from Marietta (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Biology 

Wheeler High School

•  Rachel E. Welch from Powder Springs (Louisiana State University)

Probable career field: Veterinary medicine 

Mount Paran Christian School

•  Karan A. Pol from Smyrna (University of Georgia)

Probable career field: Economics 

Campbell High School

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