Registration for parking near SunTrust Park is now open

Cobb County is accepting applications from business owners wanting to provide paid parking near SunTrust Park and other large events.

This new registration procedure for special event parking requires a $55 fee that must be renewed annually.

Applications are available at

Among the regulations are:

  • Parking must be on a paved lot.
  • Patrons cannot park on grass or right-of-way.
  • A parking attendant must be on duty to ensure safety and manage traffic.
  • The exchange of money for parking must not impede traffic.
  • The parking lot must be on commercial property and not residential property.

Operators must:

  • Clean lots.
  • Follow traffic and pedestrian plans established by Cobb public safety.
  • Provide a point of contact for updates to traffic management.
  • Display a temporary sandwich board. (For specifications, call 770-528-8410.)
  • Have a standardized and consistent pricing structure.