Cobb man finds two 5-foot snakes inside his home

A Cobb County man found two tenants not paying rent at his home — 5-foot snakes.

Darrell Baxter told Channel 2 Action News that he found the first one last Saturday. He said a Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist identified it as a nonvenomous rat snake.

Then another appeared.

“Sunday after church, we get home about 1:30. Before I take the first step up the stairway, I look up. There’s another one — even bigger in the exact spot,” Baxter told WSB-TV.

Baxter took it outside with a tool he uses to pick pine cones off his lawn.

"If it's a big snake, nine times out of 10 it's a rat snake," Georgia's chief herpetologist John Jensen has previously said.

A local pest control representative told Baxter the snakes likely slithered up a stone wall through a gap in the fascia, then into the attic and finally made it to within a few feet of Baxter’s TV room, Channel 2 reported.

He’s going to close that gap.

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