Cobb extending school 45 minutes during solar eclipse for child safety

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The Cobb County School District announced it will extend classes the day of the eclipse. School will let out 45 minutes later on Aug. 21. This applies to Cobb elementary, middle and high schools. Officials don't want students or employees on the road during the eclipse. Gwinnett schools will close an hour later on Aug. 21.

The Cobb County School District announced Tuesday that it will extend classes by 45 minutes in order to keep students safe during the upcoming rare total solar eclipse.

This Aug. 21 schedule shift applies to all elementary, middle and high schools.

The “peak time to experience” the eclipse is just when elementary schools would be letting out, the district said.

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Scientists have warned that looking at a solar eclipse can burn a crescent shape into the back of your eye.

"Since student safety is always our first priority we will start the day on time and delay dismissal to ensure that neither students nor employees are on the roadways during the time of the eclipse," the school system said in a statement.

Parents can still pick up their children at the regular dismissal time, the district said.

This announcement comes the day after Gwinnett schools announced it would be pushing its dismissal time back an hour as a safety precaution.

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