As more travelers pass stopped Cobb school buses, five more county staff positions have been created to handle prosecutions of the violators. AJC file photo

Cobb cracking down on school bus violators

With too many motorists running around stopped school buses in Cobb, five more county staff employees will be hired to keep up with the paperwork to process their prosecutions.

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners authorized 5-0 Sept. 11 three new positions in State Court and two new positions in the Solicitor’s Office to continue the School Bus Safety Camera System Program.

Expressing his hopefulness that this action will send the message that these violations will not be tolerated, Commission Chairman Mike Boyce said, “I am shocked that we have that many people who would run around a school bus that we would need these extra positions.”

The cost will be nearly $352,019 for the five new jobs.

“Additional clerical staff is needed to process the citations, send notices, schedule court, enter dispositions, process orders, attend court sessions, receipt and disburse funds and assist customers,” said Cobb Public Safety Agency Director Sam Heaton in a Sept. 11 memo to County Manager Rob Hosack.

Until November 2017, this program was in effect for five years with the Cobb County Board of Education and American Traffic Solutions for the implementation of an automated enforcement program for school bus warning device violations with follow-up verification by Cobb law enforcement.

In December 2017, the commissioners voted to continue the program for an initial one-year renewal term with options for annual renewals.

Other annual costs include office supplies for almost $3,323, printing costs estimated at $4,000 and a one-time Court Case Management System Integration cost projected to be $65,000.