Cobb conducts survey on plastics recycling

Cobb County is conducting a survey on a new plastics recycling program.

Coming to Cobb County later this year, the Hefty EnergyBag program collects hard-to-recycle plastics and converts them into valuable resources for new alternative energy resources and fewer tons of plastics ending up in landfills.

Soon Cobb residents will have a solution to the problem of how to recycle items that currently aren’t accepted in their curbside recycling carts such as plastic food bags, plastic utensils, foam drink cups, squeezable and resealable pouches, chip bags, candy wrappers, foam packing peanuts, plastic straws, stir sticks and other plastics.

Keep Cobb Beautiful staff is asking Cobb residents, who want to participate in the program, to sign up as soon as possible.

That is because bags will be delivered free to the first phase of participants once the program launches - first to American Disposal customers.