Clarkston lowers millage rate

The Clarkston City Council voted unanimously to reduce the millage rate from 21.11 to 17.11, during its meeting held last week. The vote was made after three public hearings were held to allow citizens to express their opinions and make comments. The 17.11 millage rate will allow Clarkston to maintain a balanced budget, add additional police officers and increase the city’s fund balance. The city hopes it will also provide for a 5% pay scale increase for all job classifications.

The millage rate decrease was a result of the successful annexation of properties along the East Ponce de Leon and Brocket Road corridors, previously unincorporated DeKalb County.

“Annexation and the upturn in the economy has resulted in a 63% increase in our Net Digest in 2015, compared to 2014,” said Clarkston City Manager Keith Barker. “We have more property annexations effective January 1, 2016 which will add significantly more property to Clarkston which will continue to have a positive impact on our Digest figures.”