Cherokee County to pay $65K to move water main for bridge project

Cherokee County has agreed to reimburse the Cherokee County Water & Sewerage Authority up to $65,900 to relocate a water main as part of a bridge project.

The county Board of Commissioners approved an intergovernmental agreement with the water authority concerning the bridge replacement project for Union Hill Road at Mill Creek.

The authority maintains a water main on an exclusive easement next to the existing Union Hill right-of-way, staff told commissioners. The county has acquired additional right-of-way over the water authority’s easement and will require the authority to relocate the water main where it conflicts with the bridge work.

“Since the existing CCWSA water main was located in an easement acquired by CCWSA exclusively for the water main and outside of the existing roadway right-of-way, they are requesting reimbursement for the water main relocation cost,” staff said.

The agreement caps the cost at $65,900 and grants the water authority a 10-foot-wide exclusive utility easement within the county right-of-way, staff said.