Cherokee County donates fire engines to S. Georgia department

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners has approved donating two 20-year-old fire engines and miscellaneous equipment to Baker County.

“Baker County is a very small and rural county in deep South Georgia with limited funding for fire services and is totally volunteer,” Cherokee County Fire Chief Tim Prather said in a report to commissioners. Baker County has requested a donation to the Baker-Newton Volunteer Fire & Rescue organization of two fire engines about to be sent to surplus.

Cherokee County has two, 2000 model year American LaFrance fire engines that are operational but will no longer be used after the arrival of new apparatus this spring. The estimated surplus value of each truck is $5,000 to $10,000 if sold at auction.

“The fire department believes (the engines) will bring much more value to Baker County than the small monetary value we would receive” if the engines were sold at auction, Prather said.