Cherokee County is accepting more than $700,000 in state funding for the county’s accountability courts and Juvenile Court. AJC FILE

Cherokee accepts state funds for justice services

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners has approved accepting more than $700,000 in state funds for the county’s drug and alcohol accountability courts and Juvenile Court.

Commissioners approved accepting state funds amounting to $319,742 to pay for a new, full-time case manager in the Drug Accountability Court; and $90,498 to help offset operational costs in the DUI/Drug Accountability Court, according to staff reports to the commissioners. Both grants require 10 percent local matching funds.

Another $167,270 would go to the Juvenile Court to support evidence-based Multi-Systemic Therapy Services for eligible juvenile offenders, staff said. No local match is required.

Also, Cherokee will accept $141,719 to help create a full-time position at the Treatment Accountability Court, staff said. Currently, one part-time position handles both court coordinator and case management services. A 10 percent local match is required. This court has 27 participants and plans to expand to 40 during the next grant term.