Candler Park water main break capped

City workers stopped water from spewing from a ruptured aging pipe near Atlanta's Candler Park Golf Course early Thursday and the road is open again, though it has significant damage, according to the city.

Janet Ward, spokeswoman for Atlanta's Watershed Management Department, said Thursday the water was capped around 1 a.m. Thursday but Sheppard Place, off McLendon Avenue, still needs to be repaired.

The burst pipe was a 6-inch main that was installed in 1929.

"We've got a very old main here," Ward told the AJC. "It's probably been leaking for a while,  but it's just now starting to show."

Despite the pipe's age, it was not scheduled to be replaced before it broke, she said. None of the pipes in the neighborhood are scheduled for an overhaul.

When the pipe burst, water spewed into the street and down a nearby storm drain. Some water reached McLendon, a busy commuter street, but not enough to close the roadway.

Staff writer Ty Tagami contributed to this article.