Police say that a man kicked in a woman's door in a possible attempted robbery last week in Roswell. Police only have a vague description of the suspect.
Photo: WSBTV
Photo: WSBTV

In burglary attempt, man kicked in woman’s door, Roswell police say

Police in Roswell are searching for a man who they say kicked in a woman’s door last week while she and her mother were home.

Detectives told Channel 2 Action News that they believe the man was trying to burglarize the home.

The incident occurred in broad daylight on Aug. 16. The women were sitting inside their townhouse on Warsaw Road when the man broke in. They spoke to Channel 2, but asked to have their identities hidden.

“I was in the bedroom,” the daughter told Channel 2 through a translator. “I heard a strong bang and thought someone had crashed in the road.”

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The next thing she knew, a man was standing in her foyer. 

The woman’s dog began barking and he ran away after she asked the many why he was inside her house. The woman then called police.

“I’m afraid of being home alone,” the mother told Channel 2 through a translator. “I just can’t sleep well since that day.”

Police did not say if the man was armed. No one was physically harmed during the incident.

Lisa Holland, a police spokesperson for Roswell, told Channel 2 that many burglaries happen during the day because homeowners aren’t typically home.

“It could’ve been worse,” Holland said. “She had a dog, which is a great deterrent in a lot of cases, where the dog will scare away a would-be robber.” 

Detectives are investigating, but do not have any leads and have only a vague description of the suspect. Police are encouraging residents to be vigilante.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Roswell Police at 770-640-4100.

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Roswell city leaders have since scrapped the plan.