Boy, 8, recovering after possible shark bite in Brevard County

An 8-year-old boy from Indiana is recovering after he was possibly bitten by a shark along the coast in Brevard County.

The boy was in the water in Indialantic when the incident happened on Monday.

"We were frazzled yesterday. It was a bad day," said the boy's mother, Michelle Jarman.

Jarman, her son Aadyn and friends are vacationing on the beach south of Miramar Avenue. Jarman said Aadyn was in the water when he felt something brush up against him.

"I turned around to look at a storm cloud and I heard him scream," Jarman said. "I picked him up and the whole bottom part of his knee was exposed, it was showing bone. At that point, I didn't know what had happened."

Jarman told WFTV her 8-year-old son tried not to look at his wound.

"We had to have surgery. When the bite happened, it did some damage to the joint and chipped some of the cartilage off the bone so they went and did surgery," Jarman said.

Aadyn will have to see an orthopedic specialist when he returns to Indiana later in the week. His mom said she's thought about the risk of a possible shark bite before, but it always seemed unlikely.

"That's alway been a fear of ours. And I wasn't necessarily afraid that we were going to get bit while we were there, but it's already been in the back of our minds," Jarman said.

The boy is still in some pain, but is recovering at Holmes Regional Medical Center.