Bill Torpy: Tearing down another Atlanta landmark

The circular building along I-85 is one you can't miss. It's the one that conjures up George Jetson and his flying car and it was what people in the 1960s used to think the future would look like.

But now the old Trust Company of Georgia bank, one designed by an award-winning modernist architect, may soon be a thing of the past. The owner of the building, which now houses a restaurant called Cirque, figures that the space would be better used for yet another climate-controlled self-storage facility.

The property is along the proposed northern arc of the wildly popular Beltline, but storage facilities are also apparently wildly popular because three are proposed along that section of the Beltline. Intown neighborhoods are red-hot for development and apartments can't get built fast enough.

And all those apartment dwellers, who will dish out a pretty penny for rent, will need places to store all their junk.