Baby bear spotted in Johns Creek

We haven't heard of anyone seeing a bear in north Fulton County since a cub ran through a Roswell cemetery in June, but one was spotted in a Johns Creek subdivision by a teen and her boyfriend last week.

Casey Sabath, 18, captured video of the small dark-colored cub on Snapchat as it was roaming across a road in the Hillbrooke neighborhood on Friday, Dec. 30.

According to her father Matt — a Cox Media Group employee  — Sabath and Noah Ross pulled over when they saw the bear and watched it climb a tree in a neighbor’s yard.

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The bear and the couple eventually went their separate ways without contact. Police nor animal control were called to the scene.

According to Johns Creek's website, small black bears and other wildlife roamed freely in wooded areas before parts of north Fulton County experienced rapid development in the 1980s. The site adds that bears and other wildlife "are attracted by the abundant sources of food and shelter like heavily wooded subdivisions and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area."

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