Atlanta weighs urban music festival

If Milwaukee, Chicago and Austin can sponsor successful urban music festivals, why not Atlanta? That’s the gist of a resolution approved by the City Council on Monday calling on the city to form a 13-member Atlanta Music Festival Committee to explore the idea.

Citing Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Taste of Chicago and the Austin Urban Music Festival, the resolution proposes a feasibility study to see if an Atlanta event could “be a driver of economic development to local businesses, increase tourism, and promote a sense of civic pride.”

The committee will consist of one member appointed by the mayor, one by the Council president, three by Council members, and the rest by tourism- and entertainment-related agencies ranging from the Georgia Convention and Visitors Bureau and Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment to the city’s Commissioner of Parks & Recreation and Office of Cultural Affairs.

The municipal clerk will now send out notices seeking nominees for members. Each will serve a two-year term. The committee will meet publicly at least four times a year until its dissolution two years from the date of its first meeting.