Atlanta United collaborates with Atlanta, Soccer in the Streets, MARTA

The Atlanta United Foundation and the city of Atlanta, through its Department of Planning and Design, recently announced an official collaboration with Soccer in the Streets and MARTA to expand Station Soccer, the world’s first network of soccer fields inside the perimeter of major transit stations, according to a press release. Officially named Station Soccer – West End, the second location of this innovative project will be marked by the unveiling of two new community pitches at MARTA’s West End station at 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8.

Station Soccer – West End is a culmination of a group of partners aligned toward providing access to soccer for all and connecting communities. The first Station Soccer location was opened at the Five Points MARTA Station in 2016. Additional Station Soccer locations will be announced at a later date as part of the program’s planned expansion.

The West End event on Sept. 8 will kick-off with a 5v5 youth soccer tournament at Station Soccer - Five Points (Station Soccer’s first MARTA pitch) starting at 10 a.m. The tournament includes competition among four Atlanta-based Soccer in the Streets high school boys and girls teams. The top two teams will advance to the final, which will be played at the new Station Soccer – West End pitches following the dedication ceremony. All tournament participants will travel to West End Station via MARTA for the championship match.

With the activation of the new Station Soccer location, Soccer in the Streets will conduct a public contest for the creation of a Station Soccer logo. The submissions are posted online, and the winner will be selected by public vote. To vote for the new logo, go to the @soccerstreets Instagram page and “like” your favorite logo.

The Station Soccer Logo Contest winner will be announced on Sept. 4 and the banner with the new logo will be revealed on Sept. 8 at the West End opening event.

Information: Tess Patton: Marketing & Communications Coordinator at