Atlanta named the best city in U.S. for romance

In a dating world which includes swiping right and "Netflix and chill," being single carries much less stigma than it once did. After all, singles now make up half of the population in America.

This is great news for those who live in Atlanta, which has been ranked as the best city for romance and fun and the fourth best overall city for singles.

WalletHub, a personal finance resource, has ranked the 150 most populated cities in just how good they are to singles. The site's analysis looks across 25 metrics from two categories: dating economics and romance and fun.

While Atlanta was ranked first in the fun and romance, it only came in at No. 113 in the dating economics ranking. Having the highest average price for beer and wine probably didn’t help.

It also helps to be a man: A survey has suggested that there are 80,000 more single women than men in Atlanta.

For singles wishing to pack up and move somewhere that scored a little better, they may want to look west. Salt Lake City was ranked No. 1 overall. Orlando, Tempe and Scottsdale rounded out the top five.

When measuring dating economics, WalletHub looked at food and drink costs, taxi fares, median household income, the job growth rate and more; while for romance and fun, the site looked at number of resturants per 1,000, percentage of single persons, the crime rate and more.

Data sources included multiple federal agencies, such as the Census Bureau, TripAdvisor, Gallup Healthways and more.

For more on the methodology and to see where other cities ranked, you can go here.