Atlanta has Airbnb’s most desired rental property in the world

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Treehouses. People want to stay in treehouses.

Airbnb, the online home rental site, has a number of treehouses on its current most wish-listed destinations and properties .

As Airbnb put it in 2015: "A penchant for fantasy is evident when examining the most Wish Listed properties by type. The adventure of an outdoor treehouse is by far the most popular type of property on Wish Lists."

Buckhead Tree House in Atlanta was recently named "AirBnB's #1 most wished-for listing worldwide."

Credit: Courtesy of Buckhead Tree House

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Credit: Courtesy of Buckhead Tree House

At the top of those desired treehouses is one in Atlanta, based on the frequency that active listings appear on people's wish lists.

Hidden away in Buckhead, there are three connected treehouse rooms that rent for $375 a night, with a two-night minimum.

The living room, bedroom and deck are connected by rope bridges. The bathroom is a 30-second walk to the main house.

The next vacancy in 2017, as of Oct. 17, is Nov. 5.

Other desired treehouse locations include this one in Italy and this one, which has a pool, in Bali.

Maybe treehouses aren’t your thing. In that case, check out the Seashell House in Mexico or this “Pirates of the Caribbean” getaway in California.