Army major thanks Fulton DA employee

U.S. Army Maj. Anthony Patrick Smith of Lilburn, while serving in Iraq, figured there was little chance to get a minor infraction he got as a teenager expunged so he could pursue a teaching career.

But Gloria Smith of the Fulton County District Attorney's Office kept up with his request and got his record cleared. (At one point, she feared for his safety when he temporarily stopped responding to her e-mails.) Major Smith and his company raised a U.S. flag in honor of Gloria Smith in Iraq and, during a recent ceremony here, he gave her keepsakes and the flag that flew in her honor.

"I am very appreciative of Gloria," Major Smith, a 23-year military veteran, said in a statement. "She went above and beyond to assist me and provided outstanding customer service. She really means a lot to me and I am truly grateful."

When Smith, who was deployed in Al Qut, stopped responding to Gloria Smith's e-mails his company had come under fire and suffered numerous casualties.

Major Smith is married with a 5-year-old daughter and hopes to become a high school teacher when he finishes his military service, the District Attorney's Office said. Gloria Smith, a legal assistant in the Office of Expungements, has worked at the DA's office for 18 years.