Are liquor stores banned in Lawrenceville?

There are no liquor stores in Lawrenceville city limits.

There are no liquor stores in Lawrenceville city limits.

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Reader Danita asks:

Why aren't there any liquor/package stores in Lawrenceville?

I didn’t realize there weren’t any liquor stores or package stores in Lawrenceville until reading Danita’s question, but it’s true: there are none in the city limits. In order to figure out if it was just a coincidence or the result of a city regulation, you have to turn to Lawrenceville’s General Code.

Chapter 4 of the General Code governs alcohol. Section 4-88 of that chapter gives us our answer: “Nothing in this article should be construed to permit the package sale of distilled spirits or spirituous liquor.”

In Chapter 4, “package” is defined as “a bottle, can, keg, barrel, growler or other original consumer container." So, any liquor or spirits in their original container cannot be sold in the city of Lawrenceville. This effectively bans liquor stores and package stores.

But don’t put your house up for sale yet: You can still buy beer and wine in the city. You’ll just have to go out of town for a bottle of bourbon.

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