Lamar Hillard is a suspect in a Feb. 6 shooting at the Doll House club.
Photo: Sandy Springs Police
Photo: Sandy Springs Police

Another suspect arrested in N. Fulton strip club shooting

Sandy Springs police have arrested another suspect in a shooting that took place inside a strip club last month.

Lamar Hillard, 30, is accused of being one of two gunmen who cornered a Doll House customer and fired off several shots Feb. 6, according to authorities. 

Dameion Saunders was shot in the back, and a second victim was hit by random bullets.

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Saunders, 40, told police he’d been receiving threatening messages over a money issue. He has since sued the strip club for negligent security.

Hillard, of Eerie, Pennsylvania, was taken into custody near Cleveland, Ohio. He will be transferred to the Fulton County jail, a Thursday news release said.  

The other alleged gunman, Anthony Lloyd, was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder.

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