Another hidden camera found in bathroom at N. Fulton Starbucks

Weeks after a woman discovered a camera taped in the stall of a Starbucks bathroom in North Fulton, police have found another hidden camera at the same location.

A female employee went into the unisex bathroom and noticed a camera underneath a baby changing station — the same place a recording device was found during the April incident, that time in the coffee shop's other bathroom, Officer Howard Miller said.

She alerted the manager, who then called police and the corporate office, according to Miller.

PREVIOUS INCIDENT | Hidden camera filmed Starbucks customers in bathroom

Police went to the Starbucks at 2705 Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta on Thursday afternoon and took the recording device. Detectives are investigating, and no one is in custody at this time.

No suspects have been identified in the first case. In that incident, the camera had about 25 videos stored on it, and “several” of those videos showed people using the restroom, police said.

A Starbucks spokesperson said employees have increased bathroom checks since the original incident to “prevent any foul play,” and added that the coffee chain’s partners “moved swiftly once they found the device.”

In April, a spokesperson for the company said they were "quite concerned" to learn of the incident and were grateful to the customers and partners who involved local authorities.

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