Alpharetta adopts truck routes through city

Seeking to discourage garbage transfer, pre-mixed concrete and other big trucks from taking shortcuts on residential streets, Alpharetta has adopted a system of city truck routes for heavy-vehicle through traffic.

The City Council approved a truck route map put together by members of the public works and public safety departments. Major highways, like Ga. 400, Main Street (Ga. 9) and West Side Parkway are truck routes; other streets, like Academy Street, Rucker Road and Webb Bridge Road, are not.

“It should be understood that ‘No Through Trucks’ does not restrict delivery (trucks), or trucks that have a specific purpose on these roads,” according to a staff report to council. “It only keeps trucks from using these roads as a through way.”

“Thank you. This has been something we’ve talked about for several years,” said Valerie Manley, a resident who lives on Southlake Drive and who spoke to the council before the vote. “We’ve seen the volume of heavy trucks go up. It’s cost me 12 mail boxes – no joke.”