After Murrell’s Cafe closed, restaurant re-inspected and re-opened


On Feb. 5, four days after being closed, the restaurant passed an inspection with a 95/A. When inspected Aug. 5, the restaurant passed with an 85/B.

Original story:

Murrell’s Cafe in Atlanta was closed after a health inspection revealed the one employee hand sink was inoperable and the gas for cooking had been turned off.

The restaurant at 700 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, also failed the follow-up inspection with a 47/U.

Gas — the restaurant’s only heating source — had been turned off but came back on during the inspection. The inspector asked for a copy of the restaurant’s gas bill.

Points were also taken off because the restaurant still did not have a certified food safety manager on staff, a repeat code violation.

Also, chicken was thawing in standing water inside a prep sink. Prepared foods in the walk-in cooler were not date-marked for disposal. Foods were not being reheated according to code regulations, according to the inspection report.

In addition to the sink needing repairs, the inspector said the facility should be cleaned. Heavy food debris was on shelving, floors, walls and ceiling throughout the main kitchen area.

Cardboard was improperly being used on the floor to soak up grease. Utensils on the dining tables were uncovered and exposed to contaminants. Items in dry storage were stored directly on the floor.

Murrell’s Cafe had a routine health inspection in January that resulted in a score of 79/C. Prior to this the restaurant had a 95/A health score.

Murrell’s will be re-inspected following an intervention hearing with health officials.