Acworth cops will give quilts to stranded motorists during snow storm

Credit: Acworth Police Department

Credit: Acworth Police Department

Along with a badge and a gun, Acworth police are packing something else as they ready to battle a weekend of snow.

Quilts. No, not Kevlar quilts. The kind made by the fine ladies of the Allatoona Quilters Guild.

Chief Wayne Dennard explained that his officers are arming themselves with donated quilts because they plan on giving them out to stranded motorists along with anyone else dealing with the snow and cold.

Forecasters predict up to 4 inches of snowfall in the area before giving way to temperatures in the 20s, causing slick roads. So some folks might need some quilts.

The quilting group has been donating about 100 blankets a year for more than five years.

“They give us so many we can’t get rid of them all,” Dennard said.

He said they usually give them to children and seniors on scenes, but now they have the chance to bring life-saving warmth to a cold driver.

Credit: Acworth Police Deparment

Credit: Acworth Police Deparment

The chief hopes he won’t have to give them all out, but he’s making sure his officers have them in case someone needs one.

“We’ll have those in police cars riding around through the weekend,” he said.