Actual Factual Gwinnett: What's going on at Rock Springs Park?

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Howdy, folks. Let's get to it.

Reader Linda writes: "What's going on at Rock Springs Park? They just cleared a lot of trees and brush inside the park where Collins Hill meets Old Peachtree. Disc Golf course hopefully?!?"

Superb question and even better punctuation, Linda. Did you know "linda" means "pretty" (or something like that) in Spanish? I'm telling you this because I took Spanish in college and am very smart overall and did know that, not because I'm still a little loopy from the stomach virus I've been battling for several days. Promise.

Anyway... I know precisely what's going on at Rock Springs Park, which is a 120-acre park near Old Peachtree and (you guessed it!) Rock Springs roads in Lawrenceville. They're building lots of stuff — but sadly, Linda, disc golf ain't included.

Back in May, Gwinnett County approved $5.9 million in SPLOST cash for a hefty expansion of the park. Said expansion includes, among other things, a new entrance, a new soccer field, a new concession building, a new playground, "relocated trails" and DOG PARKS. Plus boring stuff like lighting, landscaping and parking.

Check out the master plan below (or a larger version here):

And then get a closer look at the area currently under construction:

If you can't read the tiny print on the bigger map, item "J" is three "full-sized soccer fields," item "G" is a 0.8-acre dog park, and item "H" is a 1.48-acre dog park. Exciting stuff, lack of frolf notwithstanding, right Linda?

Indeed! So when can I take Fido to a soccer game, or whatever? Park officials currently guesstimate the work will be completed sometime next summer.

Hope I've satisfied Linda's curiosity — who's next?

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