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Q: How did Johns Creek get its name?

A: Could it be so easy that it relates to a fellow named John who lived near water? Well, pretty much yes. The northeast Fulton County community dates to the early 19th century, when it was a trading post along the Chattahoochee River. It also served as a sacred meeting ground between the Creek and Cherokee tribes, offering safety for families during peace talks, writes Tom Blue Wolf, a Creek descendant and founder of EarthKeepers, on the city's website. The Cherokees who remained after the Trail of Tears – when Cherokees were forced west – included Sarah Cordery (1785-1842), the half-blood wife of pioneer and plantation owner John Rogers (1774-1851) and their dozen kids. Rogers' friend, President Andrew Jackson, would spend the night at his 1828 home. But fast forward to 1981 and you'll find what's believed to be the first reference to Johns Creek. It wasn't made by a historian but the founders of Technology Park/Atlanta, who bought more than 1,900 acres of rural land in the area to build Technology Park/Johns Creek, a mixed-use development. The development is now home to 200 companies employing about 11,000 people. Johns Creek, which has about 70,050 residents, became an official city in 2006.

Q. I know the Atlanta Falcons will be playing in the NFL playoffs next weekend, but I am wondering how this team compares to other Falcons teams and other NFL teams?

A: While you "rise up," as that Samuel L. Jackson commercial keeps telling us and jumping on the Falcons bandwagon, you might as well have some knowledge about the team to wow people at playoff-watching parties and tailgates, right? The Birds have clinched two playoff spots in the past three seasons. The team went 12-2 through their first 14 games to tie the 1998 team for the best 14-game record in franchise history. They won six times in eight games away from the Georgia Dome, their best road record under coach Mike Smith. The win over the Seahawks on Dec. 19 made Atlanta the fifth NFL team since 2000 to win three road games in a row. The other teams were the New York Giants (2009), Philadelphia (2005) and Jacksonville (2001 and 2005).

Q: Can I take my kids to family friendly events like the circus without making a trip downtown?

A: Ladies and gentlemen. The big top is coming to a town near you, if your Family Circus lives near Gwinnett County. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus added performance dates at the Gwinnett Arena in Duluth, on Feb. 24-27, after its Philips Arena run. The Gwinnett Arena is getting the full production of "Barnum's FUNundrum!" with 130 performers and plenty of animals. Ticket start at $14; But under the "you win one, you lose one" motto, Stone Mountain Park won't be hosting the annual Big Apple Circus this year.

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