Actual Factual DeKalb: Will the Flat Shoals/I-285 roadwork ever end?

Construction on Flat Shoals Parkway, shown in a file photo from summer 2015, is still underway.

Construction on Flat Shoals Parkway, shown in a file photo from summer 2015, is still underway.

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Andrea D. asks: When is the county ever going to complete the construction on Flat Shoals Parkway? It's hazardous and an eyesore. They are just letting this part of the county go down the drain!

I like your passion, Andrea.

For what it’s worth, the project you appear to be referencing isn’t being handled by DeKalb County. The Georgia Department of Transportation is building a new interchange with Flat Shoals Parkway and I-285 in south DeKalb.

As for the "down the drain" part, we've addressed that in some other stories about the challenges of the area, as well as the hope to be found. See: herehere and here.

About that roadwork:

Refreshingly, your question actually has a simple answer.

GDOT tells me the project is set for completion in September 2017. It’s on schedule, spokeswoman Natalie Dale points out.

The $35 million project – which definitely did start a long time ago, in 2015 – involves the new interchange, including destruction and rebuilding of the bridge.

According to an earlier AJC report, the replacement bridge will be four lanes, with bike lanes on each side and dual left-turn lanes from Flat Shoals northbound and southbound onto I-285.


The interstate exit ramps are being widened to provide dual left-turn and right-turn lanes onto Flat Shoals. The interstate entrance ramps likewise are to be widened to make way for three lanes at the intersection with Flat Shoals.

I’ll spare you more gory, mind-numbing detail.

Suffice to say, Andrea, these things (unfortunately, frustratingly, or infuriatingly) take time. It’s awful.

At least this one is on schedule?

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