$45K grant will help Cobb students, families with summer needs

The Cobb Schools Foundation was awarded a $45,000 grant to allow social workers to continue serving students throughout the summer months.

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The Cobb Schools Foundation was awarded a $45,000 grant to allow social workers to continue serving students throughout the summer months.

The needs of Cobb County School District students won’t go unmet thanks to an award from two organizations.

The Cobb Schools Foundation was awarded a $45,000 grant from the Zeist Foundation and Jesse Parker Williams Foundation, both of which support community nonprofits that serve less fortunate residents.

The grant allows social workers who work for the school district to help “at-risk students” in a variety of ways, including providing financial assistance for housing, transportation and digital learning devices needed for school.

Cobb Schools Foundation Executive Director Felicia Wagner said the organization is “humbled” to receive the grant.

“Budget limitations for schools typically mean limitations for something that we can use to enhance the student experience,” Wagner said. “With 2020 bringing immeasurable disruption, we are thankful to be recognized as a steward of these funds. We know that the impact of this support will be something that students can rely on during the summer months, but also minimizes their disruption through these crucial support roles.”

According to the school district, its social workers provided support to about 4,500 individual students and assisted 1,500 homeless students and their families during the 2019-2020 school year.

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The Cobb County School District closed its doors March 16 due to the pandemic, but that didn’t mean the job was over for social workers. They helped find funding so families can pay their bills, and provided students with gift cards so they can buy food, medicine, gas and other household necessities. They also connected parents and caregivers with resources that could provide mortgage and rental assistance, the district added.

Ana Murphy, the school district’s social work supervisor, added the grant will allow social workers to make sure students don’t go without any basic necessities during the summer months.

“This summer is more challenging then the past years and we were nervous of the level of need that would be evident in our county,” she said. “This money provides us with the availability to ensure to address the needs of as many students and their families as possible.”

You can consider making a donation by visiting the Cobb Schools Foundation website.

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