2 weeks after prostitution arrest, Gwinnett prosecutor still working

Two weeks after he was arrested in connection with a high-end prostitution ring, a Gwinnett County prosecutor is still on the job.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Quinn, 46, was one of 56 people arrested earlier this month when Dunwoody police cracked down on the "Gold Club" and "Lipstick and Shoes," which authorities described as high-end escort services operating out of local apartment complexes.

Arrest warrants previously obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution allege that Quinn was caught on camera while having sex with a prostitute.

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Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said Tuesday that, a full two weeks after his Jan. 17 arrest, Quinn is still employed by his office — and while he’s no longer going into courtrooms or arguing cases, he’s still working.

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Porter said he’s waiting to make a final decision after getting more information about the case, and that he doesn’t believe in suspension with pay. So Quinn, who previously played roles in arguing appellate court and pre-trial death penalty motions, is now “performing limited duties" by helping prepare briefs and other documents for fellow prosecutors, Porter said.

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“The questions that I have are still up in the air,” Porter said. “His involvement in [the alleged prostitution ring], in terms of involvement in the organization, as opposed to being just a customer, the number of times that he was a customer, all those things are going to play into my decision.”

Porter said he’s not sure when he might get the information he wants to make that decision.

He did say he was surprised by the allegations against Quinn, who has been with the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office for “three or four years" and had a lengthy career with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office before that.

“He's an excellent lawyer with a great legal reputation,” Porter said. “It's just a stunning sort of departure from what I would've expected.”

Quinn was charged with pandering and violation of Georgia’s felony racketeering statute and was released on bond two days after his arrest.

Quinn’s defense attorney, Noah Pines, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday morning. He has previously called his client “an outstanding lawyer who finds himself caught up in the system.”

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