Victor Hill bypasses traditional media to get message out

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill avoids traditional media, relying instead on old-fashioned flesh-pressing and social media to craft a tightly controlled image and message. His no-media stance essentially has been in effect since 2008, shortly after he lost his re-election bid to Kem Kimbrough, whom Hill would defeat four years later.

Residents are updated with fugitive and traffic alerts sent to their smartphones. His Facebook page has photos of him with rapper Yung Joc and actors Ludacris and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as kids — junior deputies, as he calls them.

He makes the rounds to churches and barbecues and occasionally chats with community activists on local radio shows. But when approached at a public function, Hill politely but firmly told a newspaper reporter he does not talk to the press.

Learn more about his approach at, or maybe you already know, having gotten good wishes in a robocall from him on Mothers' Day or Veterans' Day.