Stockbridge to motorists: no smoking if kids in your car

Attention smokers: if you’re riding through Stockbridge with a kid in your car, snuff that cigarette or risk getting fined.

Stockbridge recently passed a law that bans motorists from smoking if they have someone who is 15 year old or younger in the car. The ordinance was the brainchild of Councilman John Blount who is worried about secondhand smoke affecting children.

Smokers who don’t extinguish their butts face up to a $500 fine. Enforcing the ban could be a sticking point since Stockbridge does not have its own police force and must rely on Henry County to enforce it.

Such a ban, however, could become state law if legislation proposed by Rep. Sandra Scott, D-Rex, is passed. Scott’s legislation seeks to make smoking in cars a statewide ban.

Which states have smoke-free car laws?

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The states shown in the chart below all prohibit smoking in cars with passengers considered minors.


U.S. State / Commonwealth Smokefree Provision Effective Date
Arkansas Persons < than age 6 and under 60 pounds in a child safety seat. Effective 07/21/2006 Persons < age 14. Effective 07/27/2011 07/21/2006
California Persons < age 18 01/01/2008
Louisiana Persons < age 13 08/15/2006
Maine Persons < age 16 09/01/2008
Oregon Persons < age 18. The Legislature enacted SB444, which prohibits smoking in any motor vehicle in which a child under age 18 is a passenger. Enacted 6/11/2013 as Chapter 361 2013 Laws. 01/01/2014
Puerto Rico Persons < age 13 03/02/2007
Utah Persons < age 16 07/01/2014
Vermont Persons aged 8 and under 07/01/2014
Virginia Persons < age 8 07/01/2016

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