Progress made in DeKalb water billing crisis

Credit: Martha Michael / AJC

Credit: Martha Michael / AJC

Since April, DeKalb County has reviewed and released 8,000 water bills it identified as inaccurate last fall. Only 20 bills have been disputed - progress for a county trying to resolve a problem a decade in the making, CEO Michael Thurmond said at a meeting with county commissioners on Thursday.

Some of those disputes are the result of startlingly high bills, but Thurmond reassured customers that they will not be penalized for any errors DeKalb made in billing.

The county is focusing on billing for only the most current billing period as they await an official solution for backbilling. "Our goal is to have our 184,000 customers receiving regular bills monthly or bimonthly. No decision has been made by administration about backbilling," Thurmond said.

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