House begins review of DeKalb strong CEO government

A House committee formed to evaluate the way Georgia’s various counties are run to determine the most effective and efficient methods held its first meeting today.

The County Governance Study Committee was created in part because some legislators disapprove of DeKalb's strong CEO form of government. DeKalb is the only county where an elected chief executive controls day-to-day operations, similar to cities like Atlanta with strong mayors.

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The study committee is led by Rep. Meagan Hanson, R-Brookhaven, who sponsored a bill to prohibit DeKalb from having an elected CEO. She agreed to the study committee as an alternative when that proposal stalled.

The meeting today included an overview of various government structures and testimony from members of several county commissions, including Jeff Rader, presiding officer of the DeKalb Board of Commissioners.

The next meeting is Sept. 27, Hanson said. Video of today's meeting is available online. The committee has until Dec. 1 to provide any recommendations.