Gwinnett group forms in response to sheriff’s ‘All lives matter’ remarks

Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway's remarks earlier this week about his anger at the "culture of police hatred" have spurred the creation of a community group, Unify Gwinnett.

The group, created by seven county residents, said in a letter that Conway’s statements make it evident that the community has work to do.

Though Conway said in a press conference after his letter was released that he was talking about people who attack officers when he wrote about "hate groups" and "domestic terrorists," many took his remarks as a response to Black Lives Matter. His language echoed the movement's when he wrote "all lives matter."

“While we cannot be certain of your full intent when submitting those public remarks, we can be certain of the damaging and dangerous effects that those remarks have caused,” the group wrote.

“Your words are threatening, divisive, offensive and without warrant.”

But the group took a conciliatory tone, asking Conway to participate in “an open dialogue about the state of race relations and law enforcement.”

“We are only interested in a progressive dialogue to find workable solutions for our county,” they wrote.