Government shutdown scuttles emergency training for Henry officials

12:40 p.m Monday, Jan. 22, 2018 Georgia Politics and Government
A week-long course on emergency preparedness that as many as 40 Henry County officials had planned to attend this week was canceled because of the government shutdown in Washington.  

A week of training on emergency management for about 40 Henry County leaders has been canceled because of the government shutdown.

The officials were to take classes on emergency management from FEMA as part of a grant the county won last year on emergency preparedness, said county spokeswoman Melissa Robinson. The leaders were to leave Sunday for the week-long training and return Friday.

The shutdown enters its third day on Monday.

Some of the courses Henry officials would have taken  included “Responding to Complex-Coordinated Attacks,” “Hurricane Preparedness for Decisionmakers” and “Inter-agency Logistics,” Robinson said.  

“We are hoping to get it rescheduled this fiscal year,” Robinson said. “That will be up to FEMA and Homeland Security when they want to do that. We have to be on their timeline for that.”

The federal government was picking up the tab for the participation of county leaders, including airfare, meals and room and board, Robinson said. 


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