Giant raw sewage spill in Brookhaven pollutes DeKalb creeks

Government workers are cleaning up DeKalb County's biggest sewage mess in more than a decade: a nearly 4 million gallon spill that polluted Nancy Creek in Brookhaven.

Raw sewage spewed from a broken 10-inch pipe for nine straight days before it was stopped. The spill, located in the woods, was caused by soil erosion of a creek bank supporting the pipe.

County officials reported the sewage spill to state and federal environmental agencies, which have already fined DeKalb $924,000 for spills since 2011. It was the largest spill in DeKalb since 2006.

Residents are being warned to avoid the creek area. Sewage spills spread e. coli bacteria, which can cause fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

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