Scholarship directory helps students find financial aid

A long list of scholarships available for black students in the Atlanta area is once again available after its first print run ran out.

The 100 Black Men of Atlanta recently reprinted 25,000 additional scholarship directories, which include free information about 300 opportunities for college financial assistance.

“A lot of scholarships are left on the table because people don’t know about them,” said John Grant, CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta. “This directory is an important tool for any income level parent who’s trying to pay for education for their children.”

The 84-page directory provides details on scholarships worth more than $10 million combined. Both year-round and supplementary scholarships are included in the directory, and some of them can be applied for anytime.

Students and their families can find copies of the scholarship directories through State Farm insurance agents, who use them to provide value to existing and potential customers, Grant said.