Fulton County school officials say rumor sparked school sit-in

Video courtesy Deja Cruver

Dozens of Fulton County high school students staged a protest this morning over equal rights, though Fulton County Schools officials say the protest started over a rumor.

Fulton County Schools spokeswoman Susan Hale said by email that students held a peaceful sit-in in the hallways of North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences after a rumor circulated that an administrator had asked a student to remove a Black Lives Matter t-shirt..

“This was not true,” she said. “We support our students’ freedom of expression as long as it does not create a school disruption.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of students were absent from a Gwinnett County high school today after some racial tensions.

The incident at North Springs came to light after parent Brandis Sims posted video from the protest on the North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences Facebook page. She received it from her daughter, freshman Deja Cruver. She said while she’s proud the students took action, it saddens her that equality is a fight they have to endure.

“This is one of the first generations — not that they don’t see color because everybody sees color — where they don’t even really understand what’s going on. It’s confusion for them.”

She said her daughter asked by phone to participate in the protests, which began around 11 a.m. in a school hallway.

“I’m proud of them, though, that they’re doing it,” she said. “That shows they’re aware and that they want change.”