Here is UGA’s statement on why it arrested protesters Monday morning

In a statement following Monday morning’s arrest of several protesters by campus police, the University of Georgia said it remains “firmly committed” to freedom of speech and expression but that it also has the right “to regulate the time, place and manner” of protests.

UGA said about 25 protesters early Monday began erecting tents and a barricade, blocking sidewalks and building entrances, and using amplified sound. It said campus regulations prohibit camping and disrupting university activities.

After “multiple” warnings that protesters would be charged with trespassing, UGA police “were left with no choice but to arrest those who refused to comply,” the university added in its statement.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has not been able to confirm how many of the roughly dozen protesters arrested Monday morning for trespassing were students. An AJC reporter identified at least two students taken away by police at the morning protest.

As of 5 p.m., there were no signs that that police had arrested any demonstrators tied to the afternoon protest on the campus.

Here is UGA’s statement from earlier today.

Dozens of Pro-Palestinian protesters chant as they cross the University Arch at UGA campus in Athens following arrests on Monday, April 29, 2024.
(Miguel Martinez / AJC)

Credit: Miguel Martinez

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Credit: Miguel Martinez