Mother paralyzed after developing staph infection from makeup brush

The Daily Mail Australia reports that Jo Gilchrist, 27, began experiencing pain on Valentine's Day. Gilchrist described the pain as "worse than childbirth."

Doctors finally diagnosed Gilchrist with MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant form of a staph infection.

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The infection damaged her spine, leaving her paralyzed below her belly button. While doctors initially said she’d never be able to walk again, Gilchrist is undergoing intense physical therapy and now may eventually be able to walk for short periods of time. She will still be confined to a wheelchair most of the time.

Gilchrist remains hospitalized as she continues to undergo powerful antibiotic treatment to eliminate the infection from her body. Her two-year-old son is being cared for by family while she recovers.

While Gilchrist’s case is rare, health officials warn that personal grooming items can spread MRSA. Symptoms can include red, swollen skin that is painful and warm to the touch, along with fever. Anyone who suspects a MRSA infection should seek immediate medical treatment, as the condition can be life-threatening.