Four life sentences plus 60 years for Cobb man who molested teens

An east Cobb County man convicted of raping and molesting two teenage girls was sentenced Monday to four consecutive life sentences plus 60 years, according to the District Attorney.

Robert Ray Whipkey, now 52, lured the girls from a house party with the promise that he would drive them to a store, according to investigators. Instead, he took the girls to his house where he assaulted them. Whipkey was convicted in November of rape, statutory rape, aggravated sexual battery, and two counts of aggravated child molestation.

“This case is about a 51-year-old man who used his teenage son to gain access to two 14-year-old girls and then used them to satisfy his own perverted sexual desires,” Assistant DA Susan Treadaway said in an emailed statement. “What this defendant did to these girls was despicable. The psychological damage is life changing. And it is abundantly clear he’ll never accept one ounce of responsibility for what he did.”

The victims testified that early on Oct. 8, 2013, they were with other teenagers at a house party, but left with Whipkey to go to the store, the DA’s office said. He drove the girls first to a Kroger, which was closed, then to a Circle K.

After they left the convenience store, the girls realized the defendant was not taking them back to the party as promised, they testified. Instead, he drove them to his house on Octavia Lane, where he sexually assaulted both girls. The girls reported the incident to police.

Whipkey has been held without bond in the Cobb jail since his Jan. 6 arrest, records showed.

Cobb Superior Court Judge C. LaTain Kell addressed Whipkey during the sentencing Monday afternoon.

“You, sir, are a predator and you are a liar,” Kell said. “You set a trap for these young women, who were children. My only fear is they weren’t the only ones. We as a community will not allow you to do this again.”

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