Donning a multicolored wig, man allegedly shoots himself while robbing McDonald’s

The alleged armed robbery is under investigation.

The alleged armed robbery is under investigation.

The armed robbery, officials said, had been going as planned.

When Donte Grayer allegedly donned a black and red wig and entered a Macon McDonald’s on Saturday night, he pulled out a gun and was led by the manager to the safe in the back office, according to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

But then, authorities believe it all went awry, as Grayer accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Grayer, 26, was later taken to the hospital and into custody, the sheriff’s office said.

The alleged armed robbery began about 11 p.m. Saturday at the McDonald’s on Gray Highway, near the center of Macon.

Witnesses told police a man entered the building in a black and red wig and asked to speak with a manager. Grayer then "brandished a handgun and told the manager to take him to the back office and open the safe. The manager complied with his demands," the sheriff's office said.

While the man was in the office, authorities said, the manager and another employee ran away, toward the front of the McDonald’s.

Then, they heard a gunshot ring out from the back office, the sheriff’s office said. Grayer had apparently shot himself accidentally, a preliminary investigation suggests.

Grayer was then seen running out of the McDonald’s toward the Baconsfield Business Center, behind the McDonald’s.

“A short time later, witnesses stated that they heard a male screaming for help,” the sheriff’s office said.

Grayer, authorities said, was found on the ground wearing only his boxers, with the wig laying nearby. Money and other articles of clothing were also found.

The suspect is in stable condition, and is expected to be taken to the Bibb County Jail when he is released from the hospital. The alleged robbery is under investigation.

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