CVS to deliver prescriptions for free to limit exposure to coronavirus

Coronavirus test to Be covered by Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance

Insurance companies responding to waive fees for policyholders

CVS Health Corp. is waiving delivery fees for prescriptions in an effort to keep at-risk individuals at home instead of going to the pharmacy, Reuters reported.

"With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encouraging people at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to stay at home as much as possible, this is a convenient option to avoid coming to the pharmacy for refills or new prescriptions," —CVS Health's Chief Medical Officer Troyen Brennan said in a news release

The company partners with Aetna health insurance, which is also adjusting its policies due to the coronavirus spread.

Aetna has canceled patient cost sharing on all diagnostic testing and telemedicine visits for the next 90 days. Additionally, patients can refill their 30-day prescriptions early through CVS Caremark.

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Many insurance companies are taking steps to create easier access to health care without worry of surprise fees during the outbreak.

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence said insurance companies will cover treatment costs and ensure no surprise billing.

John King, Georgia’s state insurance and fire safety commissioner,  issued a similar statement Monday, calling companies to waive their policyholders’ cost-sharing charges for testing for COVID-19.

“I have received several calls from the insurance industry saying, ‘Hey, how can we help? ’ ” King told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I have not seen any insurance company even indicate that they were going to push back.”

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