Owl still visiting, but ground floor of Agnes Scott College library reopens

An owl forced Agnes Scott College to close its library Monday.

Credit: Agnes Scott College

Credit: Agnes Scott College

An owl forced Agnes Scott College to close its library Monday.

It was a little funny at first. Now, an owl perched high inside the Agnes Scott College library is ruffling some feathers.

The owl remained inside McCain Library on Thursday, three days after falling through the chimney and forcing the college to close the building. The bird doesn’t appear to be injured from the fall.

On Thursday, the ground floor of the library reopened for students.

But the owl just doesn’t want to leave.

The owl is about three stories up, perched in the library’s massive reading room, director of library services Elizabeth Bagley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday. It’s usually a popular area for students.

“We want silence and hope for a safe exit for him,” Bagley said. “And we don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Falconers have been attempting to free the owl, who is close to the front entrance of the library. A door is open, too, Bagley said.

“This is not what we train for in library school,” Bagley said jokingly.

It started out as a social media flap, with the college posting about the winged patron Monday.

“We are working diligently on safely getting an owl that has entered McCain Library out of the building!” the library posted. “We are closing the library for the rest of the day.”

The college also blamed Kennesaw State University, whose mascot is the owls.

“Hey @kennesawstate do you think we could get our library back? Asking for a friend,” Agnes Scott posted on Twitter.

What a hoot! Kennesaw State wasted no time replying.

“Just needed a little snooze after a lengthy study session. Thanks for the perch!” Kennesaw State replied on Twitter.

Agnes Scott hopes to fully reopen the library as soon as possible.