Cops: Woman assaulted on Covington trail while walking dog; 2 suspects at large

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

A woman was walking her dog Monday evening along a trail in Covington when she had to fight off two men, police said.

When officers met the woman on Cricket Frog Trail about 8:30 p.m., she was sitting on the ground crying and distraught, an incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution states. No arrests have been made.

The woman told officers she was walking near Conyers and Mill streets when she saw two men “coming out of the woods behind her.” She was hit in the head as she tried to run and then hit in the head again after a suspect grabbed her flashlight, according to the report.

The victim told officers the men tried to rape her as she fought back, the report states. During the encounter, police said one of the men snatched a gold necklace from the woman’s neck. It was found a few hundred yards from where she was sitting when officers found her.

Authorities said the victim was bleeding from the mouth and had several scratches on her upper body. Her shirt and sweatpants were also ripped.

Witnesses nearby told officers they heard the victim scream, but only found her when the suspects had already taken off. Another witness said they saw two people on bikes leaving the trail at a “high rate of speed” after the incident.

The victim was released from the hospital later that night. Police did not say if the dog was injured, but confirmed it did not bite any of the suspects during the attack.

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