Clayton County animal control facilities close following parvo outbreak

Clayton County’s two animal control facilities will be closed after staff discovered a parvovirus outbreak at both locations Tuesday, according to a news release.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has been notified of the outbreaks at both facilities, located at 3199 Anvilblock Road and 1396 Government Circle. The department’s guidelines call for a closure of 10 days, but if it’s possible to reopen sooner, officials said they will notify the public.

County police and animal control personnel are working to decontaminate the facilities of the virus, which is potentially deadly and typically affects puppies but can also infect kittens.

The closure comes two months after the Cobb County animal shelter had to close its doors to the public after a dog tested positive for “strep zoo,” a highly contagious respiratory bacterial infection. That shelter remained closed for several days while staff decontaminated the area and treated any sick animals.

In a Facebook post, the shelter announced its reopening Aug. 3.