Atlanta police officer injured in crash was following firetruck

Credit: NewsChopper 2

Credit: NewsChopper 2

An Atlanta police officer following a firetruck during an emergency response crashed their patrol car and suffered a minor injury Thursday afternoon in northwest Atlanta, police said.

Photos from NewsChopper2 showed an unmarked police car equipped with emergency lights crashed into a fence on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway not far from the intersection with Hollywood Road. The officer involved in the wreck suffered a knee injury and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, police said.

A second person involved in the wreck complained of neck pain, a police spokesman told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an email.

The officer was following a firetruck as both vehicles were responding to an emergency call, police said in a statement Friday. The firetruck passed a Toyota Camry waiting to turn left onto Eugenia Street at the stop sign on Hollowell Parkway. Without noticing the patrol car, the driver of the Camry began their turn after the firetruck passed, driving into the patrol car’s path, police said.