6 suffer heat illnesses at Atlanta rapper Lil Baby’s back-to-school event

Six people suffered heat-related illnesses during Atlanta rapper Lil Baby’s back-to-school event at the West End mall Sunday afternoon, according to Atlanta fire officials.

Firefighters were called to the mall around 2:30 p.m. after multiple people started feeling sick, the fire department said in a statement. Back To School Bash attendees told fire crews that people started fainting after standing in the heat for hours without food or water.

Of the six people who became sick, one was taken to a hospital after having a seizure, according to the fire department.

The event was eventually shut down by the fire department to avoid additional people becoming ill. It is not clear what time the event, which was supposed to last from noon until 6 p.m., was canceled. The fire department did not return a request for additional information.

Up to 3,000 children were expected to attend the fest to receive free food, haircuts, backpacks and school supplies ahead of Fulton County’s first day of school Monday. Temperatures rose to 90 degrees by afternoon.

The carnival-style event offered music, games and rides.